June 10, 2019

Treating Cattails with Catt Plex

We often receive calls from customers regarding their cattails and their treatment plan. Many people fail to understand that there are specific guidelines for being able to successfully kill off cattails. The moment you see signs of growth from the plants, you may expect a complete kill after the first treatment. Just because there is […]

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May 27, 2019

Important Information for the 2019 Season

We are nearly halfway through the season but there is still much more work to be done! Please have patience as we continue to make progress on your ponds! Be sure to take a look at our Summer 2019 Newsletter if you haven’t already.   Important Dates to Remember:  June 1st *Gold Summer Weekly Treatments […]

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May 13, 2019

Get to Know Your Pond Techs – Devin Dillingham: Dillishous or Dillightful?

Devin is an 18 year old student who graduated from East Allen University with an Associate’s degree this past May. He plans to attend Purdue University this fall pursuing Marketing and eventually an MBA. His favorite hobby is keeping and breeding aquarium fish. On top of that, he also enjoys cooking, fishing, and just being […]

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May 6, 2019

“Is Muck Doctor Right For Me?”

First off, what is muck? Think of all the dead plant matter and fish waste that collect on the bottom of a pond/lake floor. After a bit of time and decomposition, this turns into muck, which is the buildup you may step into when you enter an untreated body of water. Does this sound like […]

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April 29, 2019

Peace with Geese

In the summertime, the obnoxious honking of Canadian geese can be heard for what seems to be miles away from the ponds they inhabit. Not only this, but your yard may be slick with the feces of these feathery fiends. They can be a nuisance during the warmer months and can be quite aggressive when […]

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