About Us

Our Vision – To transform, nurture, and preserve all ponds and lakes.

Pond Champs is based out of Fort Wayne, Indiana and has been keeping ponds in Northeast Indiana and Northwest Ohio clean and clear since 2006.  We understand pond maintenance can be a major chore and our aquatic specialists are here to help. All of our treatment specialists are licensed in aquatic application and take great pride in making your pond look the best.

Our Services

Pond Champs is a service oriented company that specializes in treating, maintaining, and managing Northern Indiana & Northwest Ohio ponds and lakes.  Pond Champs uses equipment specifically designed to treat your pond or lake appropriately.  Whether it is by a sprayer in a boat or an ATV mounted sprayer, we will always use our equipment responsibly and with consideration for your property.

  1. Pond Service

    Pond Champs offers several different pond treatment plans to accommodate your individual needs as a pond owner.

  2. Lake Service

    Pond Champs also offers lake management services to keep your lake front property in tip-top shape.

  3. Muck Removal

    Muck builds up over time and is the result of dead vegetation and fish waste that has been left to sink to the bottom of the pond.  Let Pond Champs minimize your muck with our pond muck removal service.

  4. Fountains & Aerators

    Aeration and fountains are an important part of a healthy pond.  If you are interested in purchasing an Aerator or fountain, Pond Champs has a variety of units to choose from

  5. Water Quality Testing

    Pond water quality is very subjective to surrounding environmental influences. Receive a detailed report with our water testing services to learn more about the current status of your pond.

Areas We Serve

Serving Northeast Indiana and Northwest Ohio!

Green counties indicate our main service areas. Blue counties are partially serviced, meaning service availability is determined by the pond’s address. Please contact the office if you have questions on whether we service your area.

Our Mission – To responsibly manage and create enjoyable aquatic environments for everyone we serve.

Our philosophy is to integrate a three phase program in order to achieve maximum results with an environmentally balanced efficiency. We integrate mechanical control and prevention (the use of fountains, aerators and pond dyes), biological control and prevention (grass carp, nutrient reducing bacteria, bio-stimulants), and, finally, chemical control (copper products, algaecides, herbicides).  By utilizing these three pond management methods, we are able to maintain an aesthetically pleasing pond environment.  This approach allows you to enjoy the beauty of nature and, ultimately, increases the value of the property bordering your pond or lake.

Our Team

Who’s behind the scenes?

Matt Thorp
Aquatic Manager
IN Aquatic Pesticide Management Cat. 5
Britany Fair
Assistant Manager
IN Aquatic Pesticide Management Cat. 5 & OH Aquatic Pesticide Management Cat. 3A
Chase P.
Senior Technician
IN Aquatic Pesticide Management Cat. 5 & OH Aquatic Pesticide Management Cat. 3A
Layne W.
Senior Technician
OH Aquatic Pesticide Management Cat. 3A
Quinton A.
Ed H.
Haylee D.
Bo P.
Hannah D.
Damin K.
Tyler M.
Olivia B.
Ethan S.
Kilah S.
Connor Helmkamp
Aquatic Consultant/Sales
IN Aquatic Pesticide Management Cat. 5 & OH Aquatic Pesticide Management Cat. 3A
Northeast Indiana Pond Treatment
Glenda Garvey
Office Manager
Fountain & Aerator Sales Pond & Lake Quotes
Danjha Ward
Office Coordinator
Laura Girton
Customer Service Representative
Kaylea Shaffer
Marketing Assistant & Social Media
1167Total Accounts We Service
187Home Owner Associations / Businesses
161Muck Treatments
42Lake Frontages

Brief History of Our Company


Pond Champs Begins: Pond Champs begins servicing pond accounts the spring of 2006.  Starting with a group of around 100 pond customers, Pond Champs becomes the first pond management business to operate out of Fort Wayne, IN.


Pond Champs Moves: Due to continued growth, Pond Champs moves to its current location during the off season of 2007 and begins operating out of downtown Fort Wayne the spring of 2008.


Pond Champs Bio-Excavate Service begins: Pond Champs, after running tests and recording dynamic results, launches Bio-Excavate, the first of its kind muck and sludge biological excavation process.


Pond Champs Lake Pier Space Treatments: Beginning the spring of 2014, Pond Champs opened its service options to include treating lake pier spaces for muck and weeds and algae.


Pond Champs Expansion: Pond Champs broadens its range with the launch of pond service distributors in the Muncie, Indiana area and the Wabash, Indiana area.


Pond Champs Expansion: Pond Champs broadens its range with the launch of pond service in the northern Indianapolis, Indiana and Findlay, Ohio areas.


Water Quality Testing begins: Pond Champs starts offering its newest service, water quality testing.  This service provides customers with a detailed report to learn more about the status of their pond water.


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