Client Portal

The purpose of the Client Portal is to give you, our customer, the opportunity to manage your personal Pond Champs account at home. Any past and present invoices, transactions, and even making online payments are all accessible at your fingertips.

You will first need a personal invitation from the Pond Champs office to create a Client Portal login. Simply follow the steps included in that email to make your account.

Current customers: Please contact the office if you are in need of the Client Portal invitation.

New customers: Client Portal invitations are sent after you have accepted your estimate. If you have not received an estimate from us in the past, contact us for more information!

Using the Client Portal is NOT a requirement to sign up with our services. Feel free to mail a check or call to pay if that is what you would prefer. We wanted to offer this service for your convenience and to help streamline some of our processing.


Quote accepted, but no invoice?

Invoices are not automatically generated by the system. Once your quote has been accepted, the office is notified of your selections and will manually create your invoice(s). Once this is complete, these will be available to view/pay on the Client Portal.

What is the difference between estimate and invoice pricing?

Our quotes are an estimate only and not the final bill. Quotes are generated by our system but do not factor in any tax, discounts, or credits. Please refer to the total amount on the invoice as your final bill, especially if you intend to pay by check.