We understand that property owners have lots of questions about pond and lake maintenance. We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions. As always, if you have additional questions please don’t hesitate to contact our office.

I have fish. Can you still treat?

Yes. All of the products and treatment protocols we use take into consideration the safety of the wildlife in and around the pond.  However, certain fish are extremely sensitive (Koi, Goldfish, and Trout).  If you have these type of fish there will be a disclaimer on the contract.

Does your treatment kill fish?

We use Aquatic Grade Chemicals and practice responsible aquatic management that are safe for fish and humans.  Our products do not harm the fish but the overall condition of the pond can affect the safety of fish.

Will the treatment hurt my dog?

No.  The only restriction we impose on recreation use of the pond or pet consumption is when we treat for underwater weeds.  This will be indicated by a red flag.  We like the pond to be undisturbed for 24 hours to allow time for the weeds to absorb the product.

How will I know I have been serviced?

Our techs leave a flag at the pond or by the driveway after each visit.

Do I pay up front?

Yes you can and we have discounts in place for those that pay up front. However, we also have payment plans available too.

How often is my pond treated?

Every 14-18 days your tech will be out to treat your pond.  If you select our Gold weekly service we will be out weekly from June – August 31st.

Should I plant lily pads?

While lily pads are beautiful, they are also very aggressive and can take over a pond.  We do not recommend planting lily pads.  Because these plants are so aggressive it can become very costly to keep them under control.

Do fish need weeds to live?

No. If you wish to provide structure for the fish to hide in, we suggest using old drainage tiles, hollow weighted tubes, weighted branches, etc.

Can we swim after you treat?

The only restriction we have is after treating for underwater weeds.  We ask that you do not swim, irrigate, or fish for at least 24 hours.  After every treatment we place a flag on the property.  A blue flag indicates there are not restrictions.  A red flag indicates there are restrictions and they will be listed on the flag.

Do I need to be there while you treat?

Our goal is to make you as comfortable as possible with us.  If you wish to be there the first visit to meet your technician we definitely welcome that.  You do not need to be there every treatment because it is hard to predict the exact time of each and every treatment.

Do you remove the dead stuff?

We do not remove anything from the pond.  We use aquatic products to treat weeds and algae and once they have died they will eventually fall to the bottom.  We then follow up with bacteria based products to help in the break down of  the accumulation of this material on the pond floor.  You may physically rake out any dead vegetation if you would like.

Can you discount my package if I don't want pond dye?

There are some that do not want any pond dye used and that is ok.  We cannot discount the price because once we have omitted the colorant, your vegetation growth may increase, thus having us use a little more product to keep this under control.  If no extra growth occurs we can always increase the amount of biologicals we use to help make your pond look even better.

Can a representative come out and assess my pond?

If you are simply looking for a quote, we have the capability to measure your pond via satellite and conduct a quote from the measurement alone.  However, if you have more questions and do want an Aquatic Specialist to meet with you we will be happy to set that up for a one time minimal fee.  If you choose to sign up for one of our pond service plans the fee will be applied.