Lake Management

Pond Champs also offers lake management services to keep your lake front property in tip-top shape

Lake Management

Our lake front services start the same way our pond service does, with a measurement of the area needing to be treated.  However, there are some differences between our pond service and lake service.  Lake service is scheduled and paid for on an as needed basis.  We do not treat lake fronts every 14-18 days like ponds.  Lake front property owners can hire us for a one time treatment or multiple treatments in one season based on their needs and the property.  The services we offer for lake fronts are listed below.   Each quote is based on the size of the area to be treated.

Beach and Dock Weed Control

Once the area to be treated is measured, the next step is to properly identify the weeds growing and apply for a permit through the DNR.

  • Permit received from DNR
  • We contact customer to schedule treatment
  • 100% due at the time of scheduling, remainder due upon completion
  • A flag will be left at the time of completion with any restrictions noted
  • We recommend 3 treatments per season depending on growth

Lake Muck Removal

Pond Champs uses concentrated beneficial bacteria products to target specific zones like beach and dock areas to remove thick muck deposits. Take back your lake front property with Pond Champs lake muck removal service.

  • No permit through DNR is needed.
  • An aggressive muck reducer for beach, dock & shoreline areas
  • Typical results: 6 inches of muck reduction for 50ft. of shoreline or 250 sq. ft.
  • Larger areas will have to be quoted