March 4, 2021

Flag Recycling Program

At Pond Champs, our vision is to transform, nurture, and preserve lakes and ponds. Throughout our services, we attempt to be environmentally responsible in all aspects of pond management that we can control.

We have implemented several standards to aid in our green ideals. We walk around the pond instead of driving equipment around when possible. We keep treatment routes as condensed as possible, saving driving time and fuel. We recycle plastic bottles by refilling them throughout the season. Now, we are looking to reduce our plastics footprint even more!

We are enacting a flag reuse policy in our 2021 season. When we leave your first blue flag after our initial treatment, we are requesting that you either leave the flag there for future use or collect the flags and return them to the technician sometime in the early summer and again in the early fall.

If you leave your flag at the pond, we will continue to date the flag with treatment times. Many customers have already adapted this strategy and have successfully maintained one flag for the entire season! Other customers have collected the flags during the season and offered them for reuse near the end of the season. We are so proud of these customers and have realized that in this small way, we can all make a difference in our efforts to conserve resources.

In return for your cooperation, we would like to reward you with a token of appreciation. We are going to equip our technicians with small goodies (from keychains, koozies, sunglasses, chip clips, etc.) that we will leave at times during the late June/early July visits as we collect your spring flags or as we continue to utilize your original flag.

Of course, if it is necessary to treat with herbicides, we will leave a fresh red flag for your convenience. We will also leave the original flag if present. Feel free to leave the red flag and we will collect it on our next visit!

By being green, we are hoping to ensure a clean, well maintained pond that looks great without increasing our plastic footprint. Thanks in advance for helping Tad keep the environment just a little bit more green!

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