October 12, 2022

Give the Gift of Service

The holidays are just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than giving the gift of Pond Champs!

Sometimes the challenges a pond can bring becomes too overwhelming or time consuming to keep up with, especially as the temperatures start to warm up. Help your loved one kick back, relax, enjoy their pond, and let us do the hard part!

Either pay for the entire treatment season (early April – end of October), or just a portion to get them started! 40% down is all you need to get your loved one on the schedule. For example, paying 40% of the quote’s total will gift them with treatment from early April until June 1st. From there they can decide on whether they want to continue service or not at their own expense.

If you give Pond Champs service as a gift, we will give your recipient two choices of an add-on. If they decide to stick with services throughout the remainder of the season, we will throw in a free muck treatment. If they decide to end services once their partial treatment has been used, we will offer free education on how they can continue for themselves.

Another great gift idea is a shiny new fountain or aerator. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but create surface movement that can help add oxygen to the pond and deter some varieties of weed or algae growth.

Are the above options a little out of your spending budget? Check out our a-la-carte service items:

  • Muck Removal
  • Water Quality Testing
  • Pond Consultation*

*due to availability, consultations are typically only performed outside of our service months (April-October).

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