February 16, 2024

How to Sign Up For Service

If you are an existing customer, you know that we have had several significant changes over the past couple of years!
Though these changes have drastically improved our efficiency, it has led to some confusion on what to do & how to sign up for service. Whether you are an existing customer, or a brand new one, we want to make sure you understand the steps so we can get you on the schedule as soon as possible!
  1. If we have your email on file, this is the avenue in which we will send your estimate. A link will be provided to you in that email to view your estimate and to choose your services.
  2. ***To choose the services, click the checkboxes for the services you would like for the upcoming season. Once your selections are made, a total will be updated at the bottom of the quote. (This is NOT your final bill! Estimates do not reflect any discounts or sales tax. These will be included on your invoice.)***
  3. ***Hit submit! Our office will be notified of your selections.***
  4. Once we receive notification of your selections, we will create your invoice. This IS your final bill. This will include any discounts or sales tax.
  5. Once the invoice is created, you can call to pay, send a check, pay in person, or through the Client Portal. If you have not received an invite to create an account onthe Client Portal, please contact our office.
  6. Once payment has been made, you will be placed on a route for the 2024 season!

***Step #2 & #3 can be replaced with an email/phone call to our office if you prefer. We are able to select services for you on our end and can continue with the rest of the steps after we are notified.***

Just a reminder, our season kicks off in April! If you are signed up before April 1st, you can expect to have your first treatment within the first 18 days of April. Your treatment schedule will continue every 14-18 days after this first scheduled treatment until the end of October. If you sign up after April 1st, your first treatment will be sometime within 14-18 days of payment due to our biweekly schedule & what route you best fit.

Please reach out to our office if you ever have any questions!
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