September 12, 2022


Does your pond have an island?

Islands add a whimsical, interesting, and inviting look to your pond. They are a fun feature to your property, but they can bring challenges to pond owners! It can be hard to access some islands. Pond weeds, and sometimes algae and other growth like sponges, love to grow around the shallow edges of an island! This means a boat may be needed to treat the area your island if it is too far away from the main shore. Bridges to an island can become safety issues if not well maintained. Wasps and hornets love the wooden bridges which can make crossing them treacherous in the late summer and early fall.  Islands can also attract animals like geese, swans, and other animals who discover it is a safe place from predators.

If you don’t mind the extra maintenance challenges, an island could be suitable for your pond! We don’t mind treating islands if they are accessible by a safe bridge or a boat. Contact our office if you ever have any questions.




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