May 31, 2024

Managing Expectations

Having weed or algae growth is actually a clear sign that the pond has a healthy ecosystem. The DNR even suggests having 20% growth in a pond to sustain a successful ecosystem. Some growth can quickly turn into an unmanageable mess, which is where our services come in!

A pond is a natural body of water. All you need is water & sunlight for anything to grow! Though there are “preventative” products that we add to our ponds on a regular basis, growth is possible in between treatments. The only way to truly ensure zero growth 100% of the time is with a properly maintained pool!

All products used during our treatments are aquatic-grade. Algae & weeds need to be present for algaecides & herbicides to be effective. Spraying or broadcasting this product with no growth present will not prevent future growth.

We love to help our customers have beautiful looking ponds…but we fully support our motto of being the leaders in responsible aquatic management. It is not responsible to wipe out the pond’s ecosystem just to have weed and algae-free waters.

If this is not what you are looking for, then you may want to reconsider pond services.

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