June 14, 2021

Mosquito Prevention With Pond Maintenance

Shallow waters can easily become a breeding ground for mosquitoes in the summertime. Having  your pond maintained and keeping it clean can help lower the mosquito population. Make sure you do the following:

  • Have a fish population present in the pond. They like to feed on mosquitoes and their eggs/larvae, and can make a huge contribution on population control.
  • If your pond surface is stagnant, buy a fountain or an aerator to stir the water. Mosquito larvae do not thrive with movement on the pond surface.
  • Avoid using fertilizers, as they will help add nutrients to the pond. These nutrients can cause algae blooms and weed growth. Signing up for pond service can greatly reduce the chances of pond growth.
  • Have excess growth removed. Plants, pond weeds, and algae offer great protection for mosquito larvae from fish, water movement, and rainfall.
  • Add emergent vegetation or rip rap rock around the pond. This can help buffer fertilizers from making its way into the pond. Be mindful that adding emergent plants in the pond can easily become out of control and will need to be closely managed.

Have more questions about mosquito prevention or pond maintenance? Interested in a fountain or an aerator? Feel free to email in or call us at the office.

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