March 18, 2022

New for the 2022 Season

Each year before the season begins, we look back and analyze where and what we can do better for both the business and for you, our customer. These changes will not only help us become more efficient and update-to-date with our practices, but also help us serve you better throughout our treatment season.

Due to rising fuel and raw material costs, we have had to adjust this year’s pricing and the availability of our pre-existing discounts to accommodate for this.

The Auto-Deduct Program will be credit card-only as of the 2022 season. You can still pay in full or break up your payments with our Auto-Deduct Program.

Our referral program (renamed the Referral Bonus) will now offer $50 off and a free muck treatment for the 2023 season, as long as your referral signs up with us in 2022.

We are now offering water quality testing starting this season. A specialized technician will come out to the pond (independently from your pond treatment) and take the required samples for the tests. We test for a variety of potential issues, review the findings, and give you a detailed report on these findings with our recommendations. See the next page for more information.

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