July 13, 2020

The Ongoing Process of Pond Maintenance

Pond maintenance is an ongoing process. What you do, or do not do, this season will most certainly affect your pond next season. We have seen this first hand here at Pond Champs. We have had several customers sign on with us with a pond that is overgrown. Throughout the season, our techs come out every 14-18 days and diligently treat the pond by applying pond dye & beneficial pond bacteria, controlling algae growth, killing submerged weeds, killing cattails and keeping the rock area around the pond free of weeds.  The following season the pond is unrecognizable…in a good way! All the hard work and pond maintenance our techs put forth the year before resulted in a beautiful pond the following season. Most of our ponds sign up the following year, so we continue to come out every 14-18 days to maintain the healthy, beautiful appearance.

Some of these transformation pond owners, however, will choose to not sign up for our service the following year because they think that their pond is fixed forever. We encourage them to reconsider and always try to give them advice on self-treatment because we know that pond maintenance is an ongoing process. Once a customer chooses to cancel our service for a season, 9 times out of 10, those customers will end up calling us back 2 seasons later to sign back up. Why 2 seasons later? The first season without our service the pond remains fairly healthy because of the hard work from our tech the season before. The next season is another story…this hard work that we put into the pond has faded and the minimal work the pond owner did comes to a head resulting in a call to Pond Champs to sign back up for service.

Think of pond maintenance like a cycle…this illustration will give you a visual of what will happen when pond owners slack on their pond maintenance from one season to another.

Unsure about whether pond service is for you or not sure about what plan will suit your needs? Call us to speak to a licensed professional.

Contact Pond Champs with any additional questions or concerns.

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