November 24, 2021

Pond Dyes

Why do we love pond dye? Many think it’s just for aesthetics, but it has more purpose than that!

Pond dye can help improve your pond water’s quality and clarity. When you decide to forgo pond dye, this not only unlocks the door for weeds & algae, but opens the door wide open for them to grow and thrive! We have seen success with ponds without pond dye, but at the cost of having increased algae and weed growth in the long run. This results in the increased need for pond chemicals like an algaecide and/or herbicide.

Even through the colder months, pond dyes can be beneficial. Pond dyes limit the amount of sunlight that enters the pond. All you need for anything to grow is a little sunlight and some water. Pond growth does occur in the colder months, though it is not as prevalent as the rest of the year. Less sunlight = less growth. Less growth = less muck. Less muck = less nutrients for pond growth. It’s all one big cycle! The fall, winter, and early spring months offer an excellent time to chip away at muck since there is minimal dead vegetation being added to the mix.

Our default pond dye color for treatments is our Crystal Blue, but we have other options available at request if that is not quite your style. We also have Ocean Blue, Sapphire Blue, and Black! Just let us know when you call to sign up!

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