April 15, 2024

Service Dates & Pond Restrictions

How will you know we serviced your pond or whether there are any pond restrictions?

Treatments are every 14-18 days*. If you have already signed up, the first visit to your pond will be at some point within this timeframe. Your treatment date is determined by the routes that are created and where your pond best fits.

Our technicians write the date they treated on the flag left by your pond. Our treatment packages are based on a biweekly schedule (exception is Gold in the months of June-August) which means we are at your pond every other week. Though things can happen, we are generally pretty consistent with what day of the week we are there to service!

  • Blue flags indicate a regular pond service was performed and that there are no restrictions for immediate pond use.
  • Red flags indicate that a submerged weed treatment was performed and to refrain from pond use for 24 hours. This isn’t due to anything harmful to you or pets, but instead to keep the waters as still as possible for product effectiveness!
  • White flags indicate a muck treatment was performed and there are no restrictions. Try not to disturb any muck sticks that are placed within the pond after this treatment.

We are only human, so if you are not seeing a flag or a date written on one, please reach out to the office! We keep everything on record and are able to look up any of this information for you.

*Our Gold Service has additional weekly treatments during the months of June, July & August.

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