March 14, 2024

Spring = Green!

Spring is just around the corner! With the warm weather we have been having, we have had many reports of all sorts of pond growth already this year!

A pond has everything necessary to support algae growth: plenty of water, sunlight, and nutrients.
Though growth can appear year-round, algaecides are not appropriate to use in colder fall & winter months. Water temperatures need to be at least 50°F or warmer to have a successful algae treatment. The same goes for herbicides and weed growth. Preventative pond maintenance can help slow growth while we are waiting for warmer weather. That’s where we come in!
Products like pond dye and bacteria can help slow down excessive growth until it is warm enough to start using algaecides. In our region, this would usually be mid-to-late May, but who knows this season! February has been unusually warm, so we may be fighting an early battle with growth.
Once the water temps hit their sweet spot, we will begin adding weed & algae control (for Silver & Gold plans) to our treatment lineup.
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