April 29, 2021

Spring Pond Weed Treatments

Sunlight + water…that’s all you need for anything to grow! You may be seeing weed growth in and around the pond, but that does not mean it is time to spray. There are several factors that must be met before having a successful pond weed treatment. Without the appropriate air temperature, water temperature, or weather conditions, we might as well be dumping product and our time down the drain.

April showers bring May flowers, but they hinder our products from sticking to the plants! We will not spray weeds in the rain. Cooler air and water temperatures are also problematic. Just a couple of weeks ago we had inches of snow on the ground! Having warm and consistent air temperatures for at least a week allow for the water temperatures to rise, giving us a better shot with herbicides. For submerged weeds, rule of thumb is to spray once water temperatures have reached 50-55 degrees Fahrenheit. Shoreline weeds need even warmer air temperatures for a good kill, and some weeds need around 70 degrees. Weeds like cattails can be a whole other ballgame. Read our other blog post for more information. We are in the business of responsibly maintaining your pond growth throughout our treatment season. This does not include spraying blindly. Herbicides will not kill plants that are not present.

Early spring weed treatments are just one big hit or miss. We understand that seeing growth when you’re signed up for pond maintenance can be frustrating. Trust us, we feel your pain! The temperatures and weather must be on our side for us to have success with using pond herbicides. This typically happens year after year and we always get on top of the growth once favorable conditions come into play. All will be well. Patience is key in early spring!

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