January 29, 2021

The Benefit of Murky Water

Many customers call to request a quick fix for their pond water clarity.

Each pond is unique. Your friend may have high water clarity and can see all the way to the bottom of his pond, but that does not mean it is possible to get your pond into the same condition. The entire makeup and the ecosystem of your pond is not the same as your friend’s pond, even if you happen to be next door neighbors. Ponds are like people and are not carbon copies of one another. Each one is unique and does not react the same to different situations.

Though this may sound odd, having murky water can actually be a blessing. Think of the reason why we use pond dyes…they darken the water and block some of the sunlight, which then helps slow down growth that is trying to pop up in your pond. Murky water is just another component that can add an extra layer or protection from unwanted weeds and algae. Clearing up your murky water takes away this extra protection and just opens the door to this unwanted growth.

So is having clear water really worth it? This is something you will want to consider before you sign up for service. Feel free to give the office a call for any other questions regarding this topic.

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