June 6, 2024

Tips for Pond Owners With Service

Pond management requires all hands on deck! Here are some tips for being a pond owner and making the most out of your services.

  1. When fertilizing your yard, be careful with how close you get to the water! Fertilizers can have the same effect in your pond and spark all sorts of unwanted growth if there’s any runoff. We recommend in keeping a 15-20 ft. band around the water fertilizer-free to avoid any
    eyesores later on. Also be sure to mow your grass clippings AWAY from the water.
  2. Just because there is something in the pond doesn’t necessarily mean it is live growth! The best indicator of this is the color.Dead growth will be brown, while new growth will be green. If you’re seeing brown algae after a
    treatment, it could take a little time for that to “go away” and drop to the bottom of your pond. A good, hard rain should do the trick! If no rain is on the radar, then spraying it down with a hose should help break it up and drop it to the bottom.
  3. Keep any riprap (rock edging) properly maintained and reconstruct if necessary.Older or poorly installed riprap can shift, causing some rock to go under the water line or for soil to be visible. This allows for weeds to appear rather quickly since there is nothing to hold them back from
    accessing sunlight & water.
  4. Want easy access to your Pond Champs account? Try out our Client Portal!The purpose of the Client Portal is to give you, our customer, the opportunity to manage your personal Pond Champs account at home. Any past and present invoices, transactions, and even making online payments are all accessible at your fingertips.Let the office know if you would like an invitation to set up an account!
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