May 4, 2020

When Are Boat/ATV Treatments Necessary?

A common belief about pond service is that we must utilize a boat each time for treatment, but that is not the case. We only use a boat or an ATV when it is absolutely necessary. How do we determine when it is necessary for boat or ATV treatments?

Some of the ponds that we take on require hard work over an extended period of time to get it back into shape. When dealing with excessive amount of rip rap weeds or cattails, using a boat or an ATV proves to be a more efficient than treating by hand. Occasionally, we will use boats or ATVs to treat submerged weeds.

Hand treating is our most preferred way to service your pond. It is the least invasive way to treat and environmentally more responsible. Using a boat or an ATV to treat runs the risk of tearing up the grass, especially if there are wet conditions and soft ground.

Pond Champs treats over a thousand ponds, so time management is extremely important. When we have ponds that are 2 or more acres, its just not always feasible or efficient to hand treat. This is the main advantage of ATV and boat use. Our techs can get around and move on to the next pond in a more timely manner.

Ponds that are new to chemical treatments are more likely to need boat or ATV treatments. These ponds sometimes need to be treated more aggressively to fight the excessive amounts of growth. Once we have been treating a pond long enough to train it, we can then move to hand treating instead.

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