June 16, 2022

Where Does the Muck Go?

Muck accumulation can snowball into a variety of other problems, which is why treatment is an important component to pond maintenance. When you sign up for muck service, what happens to the muck after we apply the product?


Our Muck Doctor is comprised of bacillus bacteria. Bacillus bacteria can be naturally found in pond ecosystems, but not in concentrated amounts like in muck products. Bacillus bacteria is able to take the organic waste, AKA muck, and transform it into ammonium and ammonia. These are broken down and eventually turned into nitrogen, which is released from the pond into the atmosphere.

Bacillus bacteria also plays a roll in CO2 conversion, maintaining a healthy microbial environment, and aids in recycling nutrients back into the water column. Calling it beneficial bacteria seems fitting! It is amazing how something so small can make such a large impact on our pond’s ecosystem.

Questions about our Muck Doctor service? Contact our office today!


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