December 11, 2019

Winter Pond Safety

Most people associate ponds with summer fun, however, there are many activities that you can use your pond for in the winter too. Summer pond safety is common knowledge, but when it comes to winter pond safety people are typically a little less knowledgeable.

Here are some tips to keep you safe while using your pond during cold weather.

  1. Always have someone with you when going out on the ice.
  2. Wear a life vest and have ice claws on you.
  3. Know how to read the ice.

Ice should be checked every time you go out. When checking the ice, you are looking at the thickness and the quality. If you are ice skating or ice fishing, the ice should be 5 inches thick to support the weight of a human. The consistency and color of the ice should also be used to determine the strength. Chunky ice is more dense than flaky ice, therefore, flaky ice is much weaker. Blue/clear ice is the color that indicates safety not cloudy/white ice.

Be safe so you’re not sorry later.

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