November 16, 2020

Winter Weeds & Algae

Winter temperatures mean that nothing will grow in your pond, right? Wrong! Even in winter, algae and weeds are capable of growing in your pond. Maintaining your pond throughout the winter allows for better control over growth that will appear in the spring.

Since our season wraps up at the end of October, this blog is to help offer a few tips for winter pond maintenance. Adding beneficial bacteria to your pond helps break down any dead vegetation that will be decomposing in your pond during the winter months. Untreated, the dead vegetation forms into muck, which not only smells, but it can become great source of nutrition for various types of aquatic weeds and algae. Pond dyes are a great tool to use in the winter months as well, as they will limit the amount of light that penetrates through the water. The darker the water, the better. Less light = less opportunity for growth.

Though the weeds and algae can grow in your pond in the winter, the likelihood of you being able to successfully use algaecides or herbicides are extremely slim. These products tend to lose their effectiveness near freezing temperatures and are designed for action when the plants are at their best growing conditions (spring or summer). On top of that, aquatic growth does not take in chemical well in these temperatures.

Not interested in maintaining your pond this winter? That’s ok too. Be sure to sign up for our services by April 1st so we can tackle anything your pond may have been baking over the winter months. Starting service in the early spring allows us a head start in treatments to ensure that you can enjoy your pond once the temperatures become more favorable.

Give our office a call today for any questions on service, product, and winter pond maintenance.

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