March 1, 2019

Is Gold Pond Service For Me?

Some ponds need serviced more than once every two weeks. As a pond technician, I have worked with countless ponds. In my experience, I have found each pond to be like a person. Each pond has different needs, and responds differently to change. Because of this, sometimes you do not know what to expect until you try something and see what happens. There is no way to perfectly predict how your  pond will react during spring and summer, but there are a few outside factors you can manage to assure you have the best possible handle on the situation. The biggest of which is pond depth. Shallow ponds allow more sunlight to reach the bottom, causing increased algae and weed growth.


If you know your pond is shallow or has a history of difficult algae or weeds, or even if your current pond care plan doesn’t seem to be enough, consider switching to our Gold Pond Service Plan.

Gold Pond Service Plans include treatment of resistant and nonresistant algae, submerged and shoreline weeds, and cattails, with an aggressive application of colorant and biologicals. Most importantly, Gold Pond Service Plans include the choice of either:



Summer Weekly – weekly algae treatments from June 1 – August 31.


Winter Blue and Bio – Monthly application of blue colorant and biologicals to prepare your pond for the coming heat and sunlight.

(Both plans also include regular treatments every 14-18 days from April 1  – October 31.)

Pond Algae

Oscillatoria Pond Algae

In summary, if any number of the following apply to you, consider switching to Gold:

  1. Shallow pond
  2. Little results from a silver plan
  3. Bad rip rap (weeds in rocky shoreline, or desired weedless beach)
  4. High nutrient load in pond
  5. Oscillatoria (darker sludge that carpets and eventually floats in pads) and other resistant algae

Unsure about whether Our Pond Service is for you or not sure about what plan will suit your needs? Call us to speak to a licensed professional.

Contact Pond Champs with any additional questions or concerns.

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