January 19, 2023

NEW Online Quoting

Here at Pond Champs, we are finally catching up with the times and are implementing new processes for this upcoming season. Drum roll…online service sign up!

Most quotes have “made it out the door”, so you might have seen yours already. As usual, as long as we have your email on file, your quote will be sent via email. We have been working hard on setting up this new system where a link is provided to you so you may view your quote and choose your sevices. The system is set up with all services preselected, so all you need to do is uncheck the services you do not want.

Once your selections are made, your grand total will be updated at the bottom of the quote. Hit submit and you’re golden! This will be a learning curve for us all, but we can do it!

Not seeing your quote yet? No worries! We send out thousands of quotes, so the entire month of January is dedicated to sending these out. If receiving quote via email, be sure to check your junk mail folder just in case. If you do not see your email or a physical copy by February, please give us a call!

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