March 25, 2019

Early Spring Weed and Algae Spikes are Expected

After a lengthy winter, your pond may look a little like your garage: messy and full of unwanted items. In other words, once the weather warms up consistently in the spring you may notice that your pond is now full of weeds and algae. This is mainly due to three factors:

1. Sunlight/Water temperature increase

2. Nutrient increase

3. Fertilizer use

When ice and snow thaw off your pond this allows an abundance of sun rays to penetrate the water column and reach the bottom-growing vegetation. This also frees up creeks and streams to drain, carrying new nutrients into your pond. In addition to this, lawn fertilizers can drain into your pond and cause algae and weeds to spike.

Along with these conditions, temperature can affect the performance of our chemical treatments. If the temperatures are below 65 degrees, our chemicals may have difficulty performing as they are designed to treat vegetation when it is growing proficiently.

Due to these fluctuating factors, it can be difficult for us to stay ahead of algae and weed growth during the spring season (initially). Nevertheless, we promise to do our best to combat these unpredictable conditions and ask for your patience in this process.

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