May 6, 2019

“Is Muck Doctor Right For Me?”

First off, what is muck? Think of all the dead plant matter and fish waste that collect on the bottom of a pond/lake floor. After a bit of time and decomposition, this turns into muck, which is the buildup you may step into when you enter an untreated body of water. Does this sound like your pond?

Muck is one of the many things that our techs at Pond Champs treat for in our pond treatment plans. Within these treatment plans, we treat with liquid products such as our Crystal Blue Natural Pond Cleaner. This product does treat muck but it must be noted that it is only effective for small amounts of muck. For those who have a heavy concentrated area of muck, we have an additional treatment option with Muck Doctor that can be added to your already existing pond treatment plan for a fee. Sign up for this service and we can take care of your problem in no time!

For extremely thick areas of muck, our go-to product is Muck Doctor. Muck Doctor is an aggressive treatment that helps break down the decomposed material at the bottom of your lake or pond. This is composed of naturally occurring bacteria that help break down and eliminate the muck. Is the Muck Doctor service right for you? It is most effective if there are 6 or more inches of muck and if the water temperature is at least 60 degrees Fahrenheit. If the material isn’t already in the process of decaying, Muck Doctor will not work to it’s full potential, as it cannot break down entire materials such as twigs, sticks, branches, or leaves.



Signing up for our Muck Doctor service will save you in the long run, as it is much cheaper than dredging your pond. One box will treat an area of around 250 square feet. It is 100% safe for people and animals after application, so there is no wait or worry for pond usage after treatment. Results can be seen in as little as 30 days!

Read more about Muck Doctor here:

Benefits of Muck Doctor

Pond Muck Removal

If you have at least 6 inches of muck in and around your beach and dock areas, Muck Doctor is definitely the service for you. You can either administer the product for yourself, or sign up for treatment and have the service tacked on to your existing treatment plan for a reasonable rate. Leave the work to us!

Either speak with your pond tech, or contact the Pond Champs team for more information about our Muck Doctor services.

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