May 20, 2019

Pond Dye is a Valuable Asset to Any Pond

This blog post is for any pond owner who has had a negative experience with pond dye or is on the fence about it. Many pond owners will refuse to let us apply pond dye based on one bad experience. If people knew the benefits of using pond dye, they would give it a second chance. If you have had a terrible experience flying, it would be difficult to fly again, but I bet you would do it because the benefits of saving time, sometimes money, and the convenience outweigh your fear of flying. The benefits of using pond dye far outweigh the choice to not use a pond dye because of a negative experience, and let’s be honest, using a pond dye is way less scary than flying!

The first step in any preventative maintenance pond program is pond dye. Pond dye will improve your pond’s quality and clarity, while maintaining its color. When you choose to not allow us to use pond dye, we will be climbing an uphill battle to control weed and algae growth throughout the entire season. This results in the increased need for water treatment chemicals like an algaecide and/or herbicide. We have had lots of success with ponds without using pond dye, but have also seen increased algae and weed growth as a consequence of such.

Now that you know the benefits and we have convinced you to give pond dye a second chance, let’s discuss your choices within our pond service. Pond dye has been around for a long time and there are three basic color choices that you have to choose from: Blue, Black, or Blue-Green. Your negative experience could have been that you simply chose the wrong color…

Pond Dye Examples

Crystal Blue pond dye is a true blue pond dye. It has no other color added except blue. If your pond is currently clear it will give the pond a deep blue appearance. If your pond is currently muddy, brown it can give your pond a very light blue tint until the muddiness clears. Crystal Blue is the most popular color pond dye used on the market. Blue pond dye out sells black and blue-green dye 3 to 1.

Black Out is a black pond dye that will give your pond a deep appearance and allow the surface of the water to mirror the landscape surrounding the pond. It doesn’t matter what color your pond is before you apply this dye, Black Out will mask color issues in almost any pond.

Ocean Blue is a turquoise pond dye. This color was the first introduced in the pond dye world and has since faded in popularity compared to blue dye.

*Important Note: All ponds will take a dye differently and the same dye can appear slightly different in the same pond from one application to the next. Preexisting conditions in a pond can also alter the way a dye appears. If you apply a pond dye and the tint is drastically different than what is discussed above, there is a preexisting condition that is altering the color of the dye. For example, adding Crystal Blue pond dye to a rather green pond may cause the pond to turn a vibrant green color. The preexisting condition in this pond is a planktonic algae growth. When the blue pond dye was added, it intensified the color of the green planktonic algae. Once the algae is controlled or dies off on its own, the beautiful blue color will magically appear.

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