April 8, 2019

Will Pond Algae Treatments Hurt My Fish?

This is probably the number one reason pond owners are hesitant about having their pond algae treated; they are worried about pond algae treatments killing their fish. We would be lying if we said there weren’t risks involved; however, we are confident that we can successfully treat for pond algae and keep your fish safe. The purpose of this blog post is to give pond owners the confidence to sign up for pond service while still respecting the risks involved.

Let’s start with what type of pond our pond service is meant to be used on. Our service is specifically meant for bodies of water that are measured in acres, not small decorative ponds. There are a couple of species of fish that are extremely sensitive to copper sulfate, which is the active ingredient in many pond algaecides. Koi, Goldfish, and Trout are extremely sensitive to copper sulfate, and carp can also be sensitive. Ponds with these types of fish should be treated with minimal copper based products. The type of ponds that usually contain these types of fish are small decorative ponds that are measured in gallons not acres. Trout are the exception… to this rule, but are not typically found in a large privately owned pond because they require cool, oxygen rich, and clean water. Many ponds don’t have the water quality to support Trout. The deeper and larger the pond, the less of an effect the chemicals will have on the fish.

Let us know if your pond contains koi and we will limit treatment of algae to keep fish safe. Whenever we treat with copper sulfate, we make sure to treat along the edges of the pond, and not the center, so that fish can have a place of refuge. If your pond contains resistant algae, we would advise allowing us to increase chemical use to stop the spread of algae, though it could be detrimental to the health of the fish. If we find that there is a possibility that your fish could be hurt by treatment, we will communicate with you on how to proceed.

Unsure about whether Our Pond Service is for you or not sure about what plan will suit your needs? Call us to speak to a licensed professional.

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