January 24, 2019

Winter Fish Kills

By: Austin Grubaugh

After a harsh winter, you may notice the bloated carcasses of many fish floating on the surface of your pond in the spring. It may cause great concern in whether your pond is healthy or not. Perhaps you might even assume your pond froze solid after a particularly hard winter.

The main factor to consider when a winter fish kill occurs is that fish need oxygen to live much like humans and most animals on the earth. If there is low or absolutely no oxygen left in the water, the fish will suffocate and perish. There are several ways your pond’s oxygen levels will be lower than others.

  • A shallow pond (Average depth of 3-4ft)
  • If the surface of your pond is covered in ice or snow consistently
  • If you have decomposing leaves or organic material
  • Overstocking the fish in your pond

If a winter is fairly mild then the ice will thaw and allow wind to recover the oxygen levels in a pond. To anticipate winter you can take these preventative measures beforehand:

  • Limit vegetation growth during the summer through treatment
  • Add an aeration system
  • Dig your pond deeper
  • Rid yourself of excess leaf deposits

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