Pond Muck Removal

Reduce muck & sludge with Pond Champs muck removal service

You jump into your pond and you get stuck in inches or maybe feet of sludge or muck… Muck and sludge are not good for a pond.  Muck builds up over time and is the result of dead vegetation and fish waste that has been left to sink to the bottom of the pond.  Muck makes swimming less enjoyable, cause foul odors, and encourages rampant weed and algae growth in your pond. 

Pond Champs Muck Doctor can be an addition to any service plan (Bronze, Silver, or Gold).  This service uses concentrated bacteria to target beach and dock areas.  This bacteria is 100% safe.  There are no restrictions for swimming, fishing, or irrigation.  Sign up for Pond Champs Muck Doctor service today to quickly and effectively break down your muck! 

  • An aggressive muck reducer for beach, dock & shoreline areas
  • Typical results: 6 inches of muck reduction for 50ft. of shoreline or 250 sq. ft.
  • Typically applied in mid summer
  • Larger areas will have to be quoted