Water Quality Testing

How safe is your pond water?

To some, a pond might just be a pond, but in reality water quality is very subjective to surrounding environmental influences. Some of these factors can make for unsafe conditions for using the pond as a potable water source, irrigation, or for activities like swimming or fishing.

Some things that may look out of the ordinary and may lead to a desire to investigate your pond water quality by testing it are:

  • Unusual colors in the water.
  • Unusual odors coming from the water.
  • Sick or dead waterfowl around the pond.
  • Excessive algae growth.
  • Excessive submerged weed growth.

If you experience one of these signs, it may be time for a water quality test just to make sure it’s safe to enter the water. Pond Champs offers water testing to give pond owners a better idea on what is occurring in their pond.

What Do We Test For?
  1. 1
    E. Coli Quantification

    Testing for E. Coli is important in determining if your pond is free from hazardous bacteria.

  2. 2

    Testing for pH helps to determine if the water is acidic or alkaline. This will help in determining how to use chemicals more efficiently.

  3. 3
    Total Phosphorus

    Testing for phosphorus helps to determine if phosphorus is leaching into the pond which causes excessive algae growth.

  4. 4

    Testing for nitrates helps to determine if nitrates are present in the pond which causes excessive weed growth.

  5. 5
    Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)

    Testing for TDS helps to determine if your pond is healthy for swimming in.

A specialized technician will come out to the pond (independently from your pond treatment) and take the required samples for the tests. We test for a variety of potential issues, review the findings, and give you a detailed report on these findings with our recommendations.

Total cost for this service is $200 (tax included). This covers sample collecting, testing, reviewing results, and creating a report on the findings listed above.