Pond Dye

Pond dye is an important step in pond maintenance

General Details

Pond Champs Pond Dye Options

Pond Champs offers both water soluble and liquid pond dye.  We also have a variety of colors.  Pond colorants are a great addition to any pond maintenance program.  We have several different pond dye colors to choose from depending on your personal preference: Blue or Black.

All of our pond colorants can be applied by pouring or tossing water soluble pouches around the pond in several spots.

  • 100% safe fro humans, fish, livestock, pets, birds, swimming, and irrigation
  • Maintains color and clarity for up to 30 days depending on weather
  • Helps settle out dissolved solids
  • 1 gallon treats 1 surface acre, 4-6 feet deep
Techical Info

Pond Champs Pond Dye Options

sku Product Description Unit Size Color
11500 Pond Champs BLUE Gallon Royal Blue
00411 Pond Champs Black Gallon Black
11707 Pond Champs BLUE & Bacteria Gallon Royal Blue
11708 Pond Champs BLUE XL 2.5 Gallon Royal Blue
00136 Pond Champs BLUE WSP 6.8 oz Royal Blue

Apply product by simply pouring liquid into pond in several locations.  Dye will mix throughout pond within 24 hours.  To apply the water soluble bags, tear white foil pouch open and toss inner water soluble bag into pond.  Be careful not to touch the water soluble bags with damp hands.  The bag is highly sensitive to fluid and will begin to dissolve.

Clean Up

These dyes are highly concentrated and will stain if not careful.  Clean hands with 50/50 bleach water mix.  The dye will start to fade.  If spilled, DO NOT add water.   Soak up dye with absorbent and use bleach to bleach the color out of remaining product.

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