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Use pond bacteria to minimize sludge buildup

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Pond bacteria is an important step in any preventative pond care maintenance plan.  Pond bacteria helps keep your pond floor clean.  Many pond owners think…who cares about the pond floor.  We feel every pond owner should be concerned with what is accumulating on the pond floor.  This is one of the main locations pond problems originate.  Muck and sludge that builds up on the pond floor usually consists of dead leaves, algae, and fish waste.  Pond muck is fertilizer for pond weeds and algae. Our bacteria products consist of safe and natural bacteria that helps maintain pond muck levels, dead leaves, odors and other organic material that can hurt the healthy balance of your pond or lake.

We have several varieties of pond bacteria and it is important to know the difference before application.  Our liquid pond bacteria is a maintenance dose and should be applied on a regular basis to help prevent the build up of muck on the pond floor.  Pond Champs Muck Doctor is a concentrated dry form of beneficial pond bacteria.  This product is intended to be used in a targeted area like beaches and dock areas to reduce muck levels quicker.

  • Safely breaks down pond muck and dead vegetation
  • Super charges naturally occurring pond bacteria to consume micronutrients for a healthy, clear pond
  • 100% safe for humans, fish, livestock, pets, birds, swimming, consumption and irrigation
  • 1 gallon treats 1 surface acre, 4 – 6 feet deep
  • 1 box (5 spikes) treats 125 square feet
Techical Info

Pond Champs Pond Bacteria Products

Sku Product Description Unit Size Color
11600 Pond Champs Pond Bacteria Gallon Clear/Yellowish
11707 Pond Champs Blue & Bacteria Gallon Royal Blue
11706 Pond Champs Muck Doctor 5 spikes Tan

Apply product by simply pouring liquid into pond in several locations.  Bacteria will mix throughout pond within 24 hours.  To apply the Muck Doctor, open box and place spikes in a targeted area or along shoreline about 5 feet apart from each other.  You can drop spikes in from dock/shoreline or wade into water and lightly push them into muck.

Muck and sludge accumulates over time, so be patient.  Bacteria products will go to work immediately, but it does take some time to start breaking down the sludge buildup.  With regular dosing you will start to notice a difference in the consistency of the muck from a thick, black substance to a thinner brown solution.   This may take several months.  Aeration will accelerate the bacteria activity, so if you have an aerator, keep it running.

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