March 2, 2020

Early Season Algae

It’s that time of year again, and with temperatures rising, your pond may be taking on a certain swamp aesthetic. Seemingly overnight, algae may appear and turn your beautiful property feature into a true eyesore. This is understandably frustrating for our customers and is rarely due to any sort of negligence on a technician’s part.

So, what causes these periods of accelerated growth?

Environmental factors tend to be the biggest contributors. Combine sunlight, water, and nutrients, and plant growth will result. Early in our season, most underwater weeds cannot establish themselves in the fluctuating temperatures. Algae however is fast growing and establishes itself quickly in water of varying quality. Aquatic plant life flourishes in the presence of nitrogen and phosphorus, and these nutrients are staples in fertilizer mixes. Fertilizing a lawn, runoff from farmland (livestock included), and poorly functioning septic systems are all common man-made issues.  Nutrients are recycled in ponds, so even after the inflow is reduced, it often takes years for ponds to recover.

If you look out your window to observe this unsightly explosion of growth, it’s not a cause for panic, and is not necessarily an indication of neglect on your tech’s part. Mat forming algae outbreaks tend to subside once the pond adjusts to treatment, barring any extreme environmental influence. Mat forming algae poses little risk to the health of your pond and will be dealt with on your technician’s next visit.

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