April 6, 2020

What Do We Do During Our Treatment Visits?

When our Pond Champions come out to service your pond, they will arrive in a marked vehicle with their products on hand, ready to go. There are several key elements that they look for before they treat.

  • Algae
  • Emergent weeds
  • Submerged weeds
  • Muck (observation)

Whenever the technician notices any growth, they will use the proper chemicals to treat them. Ideally, we are treating your pond at the beginning of April, which allows us to nip any growth as it is just beginning to appear. Signing up early for our services gives us the advantage of preventing the growth before it gets out of control, and gives you the advantage of having a great looking pond earlier on in the season.

We have some customers that are concerned with the amount of time the technician is actually there treating their pond. Your pond may not need extensive treatment on certain visits. In the very beginning of the treatment season, your pond may not have much growth. We prepare your pond for the warmer temperatures with pond dye and beneficial bacteria.

The same goes for the end of the season. Adding colorant and beneficial bacteria maintains the pond’s condition, as well as prep it for winter. Applying these two products only takes minutes. Just remember, majority of your payment for our services goes towards the chemical we apply, not the amount of time spent at your pond. The quality of our services will be reflected in the pond’s appearance and this is because of the chemicals we utilize.

Keep in mind that ponds are natural bodies of water that should in fact support some growth and life. We love to help our customers have beautiful looking ponds…but we fully support our motto of being the leaders in responsible aquatic management. It is not responsible to wipe out the pond’s ecosystem just to have weed and algae-free waters. The DNR even requires 20% growth in a pond to sustain a successful ecosystem. If this is not what you are looking for, then we cannot help you accomplish this and encourage you to invest in installing a pool.

We will always leave a flag on your property, usually near your beach area (if you have one), or an area easily visible from your home. Majority of the time, these flags are blue. It is our way of telling you that we were there on your property. On the flag itself, the technician will write the date in which they treated. This gives you a reference on when we were there, just in case you were gone or you happened to miss us. This also helps you know when we will be out next. If you are on our Bronze or Silver plans, the tech will be back 14 to 18 days from the last treatment date. If you are on our Summer Weekly plan, you will know that we will be out each week in June to August.

A red flag is an indicator that your technician treated for submerged weeds. With red flags, we ask that you refrain from using your pond for 24 hours. This includes swimming, fishing, boating, and irrigation. It is not that the product is harmful, but rather the product needs to keep as still as possible to work its magic on your submerged weeds. If any other restrictions are necessary, your technician will notify you.

Have any additional questions about our services? Feel free to call the office or send us an email.

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